The team at FCM understands that running a business is time consuming and that you may have many questions in regards to the services offered. Here's our responses to our most FAQs:

Q. How does FCM use telematics?

A. FCM uses telematics as a method of monitoring assets by collecting  a vast amount of data. FCM will collect data from your assets via an installed device or other connected hardware or senses. The collected information is then stored in a cloud and brought into a software system accessible via the FCM website or App. Through this software, FCM and the client will be able to view and export reports and gain necessary business intelligence.

Q. What data can be collected?

A. This all depends on your asset and business needs. Examples are: asset location/position, trip history, fuel & battery consumption, predictive maintenance, driver behaviour monitoring, remote diagnosis, geofencing, dispatch nearest driver ... the list goes on! Big data drives decision making!

Q. How much does it all cost?

A. Again, this all depends on your assets and business needs. All clients and their businesses are treated as individuals, therefore, a package will be tailored to your needs. Pricing is dependant on 'products' selected.

Q. Will having the FCM system in place save my business money on insurance premiums?

A. The FCM system has the potential to make your employees more accountable for incidents and overall driver awareness, which can in turn reduce your yearly claims lodged. These actions could help bring your insurance premiums down during the term of your policy. Real time tracking also ensures that all assets are accounted for (in cases of theft & loss)

Less claims = less risk = lower premiums!

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